Hope is an embrace of the unknown. It’s the belief that what we do matters even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things you can know beforehand. 

- Rebecca Solnit

East Bay Angels is based in Berkeley, California. For 2021, our focus has shifted from providing herbal remedies to the homeless population in the east bay to food sharing.


We actively support the health of people who are experiencing food insecurity.  We run a free food pantry that is a free standing structure which we stock daily. We have done 2 successful food drives in our neighborhood. 


The concept is simple:  Take Something, Leave Something.   I designed all the signage for the pantry and messaging and my partner designed the structure itself.  It's a great project because we are connecting with our neighbors way more, and we have met many people at the pantry who really needed the food that was there. At least 50 people interact with it every day.



In 2020, we distributed the following supplies, for free to anyone who needed them:  hygiene supplies, clothing, blankets, towels, pet food, water, underwear, duct tape, hand sanitizer, socks, non toxic rat repellent, food, herbal cough syrup specifically for covid, toothache remedy, foot cream for chronic foot issues and art supplies and journals were donated by BLICK in Berkeley which we gave out to young adults living under the freeway who were thrilled. 

All east bay angels volunteers are people who have come forward to volunteer their time and resources.  The pandemic has made it challenging to do outreach, but it has not stopped us.