Hope is an embrace of the unknown. It’s the belief that what we do matters even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things you can know beforehand. 

- Rebecca Solnit

East Bay Angels is based in Berkeley, California. We support the health of people who are living in encampments, RVs, cars and on the streets throughout the East Bay.  


We do that by bringing herbal remedies that treat many different types of conditions.


We also bring water where there isn't any and clean clothing to folks who are temporarily living in homeless encampments, sleeping on the street and living in their cars.

Directly supporting people's immune systems while they are living outside has always been the number one goal of this project.  We are supported with donations of both physical items and money by the collective who feel moved to do something to help our unhoused neighbors -especially now during the pandemic. 

How does a heart of service respond to an unknown cause, how do we build resilience when we can't be physically together? Carbon emissions have dropped dramatically, but xenophobia is rising. Government surveillance is increasing, while global cooperation is going up. Shopping malls are empty, but family meals are on the rise.

Awakening of compassion is pervasive, but the inequality of human suffering is more evident than ever.  Borders are still present, but the boundaries of our shared humanity are blurring.



Here is a list of some of thing things we have made and given out for free:  cough syrup, toothache remedy, foot cream for chronic foot issues, water, underwear, hand sanitizer, non toxic rat repellent, salve for a staph infection and skin cream that provides immune support. 


Most of our donations of supplies have come directly from Berkeley residents. We are so so grateful!  We have never run out of supplies. All volunteers have been people who care.