Hope is an embrace of the unknown. It’s the belief that what we do matters even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things you can know beforehand. 

- Rebecca Solnit

East Bay Angels is a volunteer run group based in Berkeley, California who supports the health of people who are living in encampments, RVs, cars and on the streets throughout the East Bay. 


We hand deliver supplies along with socks, Dr. Bronner's soap and water, buckets for washing, towels, and clothing donations along with dog treats. We have also been giving out art and writing supplies which supports sign making, and creative expression.  Everything so far has been donated by people who care in the East Bay.  The response to this project has been amazing and we want to increase our service to everyone we are getting to know. We ask every person: What are your top hygiene or medical needs right now? when we do our Pop Up Care Stations. This method is working, as we get the items - and we bring them back.

We are actively collaborating with front line workers and organizations in Berkeley like Where Do We Go?, COPwatch, Consider the Homeless, the Suitcase Clinic and the Needle Exchange who share similar values.  Our priority is supporting the physical and mental health of every person that we get to know and have the opportunity to serve. 


Toothaches and chronic foot issues cannot be neglected for very long before the pain becomes debilitating.  East Bay Angels provides herbal medicine that addresses a myriad of foot care issues, salves for burns and rashes, immune support for colds, and we even have a remedy for toothaches that can help someone before they can get to a dentist.


One of the main goals of this project is to directly support people's immune systems while they are living in the encampments or on the streets of Berkeley.  We have a remedy that we give out to keep your system strong.

Our project is committed to not creating any more landfill and not using plastic whenever this is possible.   Everything we deliver is something someone needs and has asked for and will be used immediately.

The lanterns and flashlights we give out are powered by salt water. They are magic :)



We believe in empowering people to take care of their own basic needs that the city, state + federal government are not addressing.  We believe that self care develops self respect and self respect leads to self empowerment. We lead with love.

We are the East Bay Angels. Our focus is supporting the health of all people living in encampments and in tents on the streets of Berkeley.