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Food Pantry

The Rose Street Food Pantry is a public access point for people to get food. Our food pantry is just like a Little Free Library, except it's primarily for food and hygiene supplies, like socks and toothpaste and everyday items that can really add up.  It is a way for neighbors to share with neighbors, and for food based community organizations to support people directly. The Rose Street Food Pantry actively helps to fill the gaps in the food system by being open 24 hours a day to the people we serve, who really need food. 


The food pantry is visited by at least 350 people every week. People come by at 8am, 3pm and 2am. We are feeding nannies, seniors, single moms and dads, middle school kids, high school kids, people who are living in their cars and folks who are experiencing homelessness and living in Cedar Rose Park or in RVs close by. We value being able to offer a zero barrier way for people to get food, and to donate it. No questions asked. 

We are actively looking for volunteers to keep it running and for community partners who want to support our mutual aid project. Since food prices continue to rise, we know this food project is more important than ever. We are actively posting on Nextdoor for food donations now and reliant on kind neighbors who are willing to take the time to drop off food, clothes and household items that they want to give away. We remain committed to reduce food insecurity and food waste in our neighborhood and we appreciate the neighbors who are helping us! 

Please reach out if you can connect us with your organization or one that you know of that can donate food, and we will take care of the pick up, storage and distribution. 

Read the article about our pantry in Berkeleyside

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Want to donate food? 

We would love that. We have a list here of the types of food that work best since the pantry is outside.  Many people drop off bags of food at the pantry when they are moving, or after an event and there is food that is left over. Catering companies have approached us regarding dropping off food that would be thrown away. We can distribute all of this food so contact us if this applies to you.
To see a map of the pantry, visit this page.

Supporters of the

Rose Street Food Pantry

ACME Bread Company

Berkeley Free Clinic

Berkeley Food Network

Charity Without Borders

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Caring Neighbors on Nextdoor

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