Acts of kindness matter.

Hi. I'm Veronica.

I started making this herbal medicine with the intention of making remedies for teeth and foot problems specifcally for people who are living in very extreme conditions.


I would see the same chronic problems occuring over and over and thought, hmmm this is something I can do.  Plus I love making this medicine!!!


So far, everything I have given out and made for specific people has worked and was greatly appreciated. Plants are powerful.  A Tea tree oil salve takes care of trench foot.

A blend of oils that is a 500 year old formula calms a toothache.  The formula I have for immune support knocks out viruses and has been tested in a lab at Stanford.  I use everything that I give out myself.  

I made cough syrup formula taught to me by a Master Herbalist who specializes in street medicine and it has worked too to stop a nasty pervasive cough for many people that I have gifted it to.


I like making these things by hand, and put a lot of loving energy into everything that is made. 

my outreach background


10 ten years of experience doing front line street outreach and harm reduction work in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.


I have worked closely within organizations like lava mae (mobile showers) and San Francisco Public Main Library homeless outreach team.


I started doing the Street Store ( a free outdoor clothing store for homeless folx)   and we gave away enormous amounts of jeans, jackets, footwear, baggage - you name it every month.   I have done outreach in the Tenderloin, Golden Gate park, Civic Center, under freeways in Oakland and Emeryville and Berkeley, back alleys in Emeryville and all the main encampments in Berkeley.


I learned a lot by doing The Street Store for a few years