Mutual Aid Projects
Street Outreach background

Veronica Van Gogh

Ten years of experience doing front line street outreach and harm reduction work in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.


I have worked closely within organizations like lava mae (mobile showers) and the San Francisco Public Main Library homeless outreach team.  (HOTT)


I organized and set up pop up Street Stores for several years. It started small and got very, very big!! I loved learning what it takes to scale up - because it means you can help more people.

The Street Store involved collecting clothing donations and creating an outdoor store where people could shop for free.

I have done outreach in the Tenderloin, Golden Gate park, Civic Center, under freeways in Oakland and Emeryville and Berkeley, back alleys in Emeryville and all the main encampments in Berkeley.

If you are interested in knowing more about this project, I have more info about it here.

I learned a lot by doing The Street Store for a few years