When I watch this footage and listen to what the reporter has to say, I know that pulling together hygiene supplies is important, it's vital, it feels urgent.  Maybe it will help someone stay well. Maybe our efforts will prevent infection, or simple make someone feel b...


Complacency looks like this:

"It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong here. You earned everything you have. It's not your problem."

Willful ignorance look like this:
"I don't want to see it, I just want it to go away."

Ask yourself when it comes to taking initiative to...

I 80 at University in Berkeley, CA is one of the busiest stretches of highway in the country: Five lanes of traffic each way, full up or worse twenty four seven.

Nestled around this complex intersection, some hidden in the brush, some in underpasses to the freeway and i...


Mark Lloyd pulls up to a group of 10 tents near a freeway on-ramp, pops his trunk and pulls out his supplies: cat litter, a small military surplus tent, toilet paper, sanitizer, and a 5-gallon plastic bucket, complete with toilet seat.

This is the rudimentary toilet set...

28,000 people in the Bay Area

are unhoused and temporarily

experiencing homelessness. 

These are the percentages of the homeless populations in each of the nine counties that are living on the streets or in cars or tents.

Alameda County, 69%

Sonoma County, 65%

Santa Clara C...

AJ+ did a video on this project that's still going strong. I think what makes it great is really simple. It's SHOWING UP.  It's gathering together supplies and showing up consistently. Right?!

See the video


It's been a little bit over a week after the California wildfires which are mostly contained. The air quality in the East Bay effects everyone.  Lightning Bolt, along with people in other Oakland organizations that work with/advocate for the homeless, including Feed th...

This is a project that I helped start in San Francisco which is run by Lava Mae. A Care Village is a place where someone who is unhoused can get a bunch of services all at the same time. Everything is donated.  They are now happening in Oakland and Los Angeles.  -   Ve...

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