This is Powell Street BART station in San Francisco. There are people sleeping on the ground, under harsh fluorescent lighting.  There are people being ignored by all the commuters, invisible and forgotten. As an empath, I find that it's very, very painful to just walk by. I think that a solution is to do something in a really practical way that doesn't take much effort at all. 

The reason why I am telling you this is if you live in a city where there are people who suffering at this level, there is something you can do in a DIY way.  If you feel the pang of wanting to help, or you don't know how ... 

Just make up your own outreach project. Be creative. 

Radical generosity is based on love, and intuition, and creativity, and thinking ahead, and also thinking on your feet.

I think the reason why people do nothing is that it's overwhelming. The pain is, and also the thought process that if they were to do something it would take too much time.  

But it doesn't. You make a few sandwiches, or you get 5 bottles of water or you bring an extra pair of shoes with you and leave them for someone for when they wake up, and magically they have shoes and socks to wear.