Want to drop off food? The pantry is open 24 hrs a day and it at the corner of Rose Street and Belvedere St.

If you live in the east bay and want to donate food, here's a list of items that are very useful that people will use immediately and appreciate!

- canned chili

- boxes of mac and cheese

- chicken soup / beef barley soup

(Progresso or Campbell's soups are popular)

- crackers and cheese snack packs

- energy bars / granola bars

- coffee beans (people have left Peet's many times!)

These are notes from people who use the free food pantry.

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We are actively trying to make sure we have a solid inventory of food so that the pantry is a reliable food source.   


Throughout the U.S., food prices have gone up dramatically.  We are here to help and provide food to people who need just a little more food.  We help to fill in the gaps.

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