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Want to drop off and donate food?

We are located on Rose Street near the corner of Belvedere. 

Here's a list of the types of food that we need. The pantry is open 24 hours a day. You can leave the food on the shelves or contact Veronica if you have a large amount and she can store it and bring it out in small batches. 

Canned Meat
Canned Fish
Pasta and Pasta Sauces
Tasty bites Indian Food
Fresh fruit like bananas or oranges
Canned Chili
Canned beans
Peanut Butter 
Toilet Paper
Baby wipes
Dog Food
Trash Bags
Toilet Paper
Home made sandwiches
Leftover food from events
Vitamins and Supplements
Vinegars, olive oil etc.
Instant coffee

We ask that you do not donate candy or junk food.
It's having a negative impact on some of the kids who live on our street.

Everything on this list will find a home quickly - within an hour of you dropping it off. Thank you so much! The pantry has been empty lately because food prices continue to rise.  


These are notes from people who use the free food pantry.

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