want to contribute? 

here's how.

Paypal donations help us to buy food for the Rose Street free food pantry, which empties out every day. The location is Rose Street and Belvedere Streets in Berkeley, CA.  Thank you to everyone who has surprised us over the holidays with donations. We have been able to do 2 big shopping trips to get food at TARGET and Trader Joe's.  This helps the pantry be a reliable source of food.


If you live in the east bay and want to donate food, here's a list of items that are very useful that people will use immediately and appreciate!

- canned food - chili and soups are great

- ready to eat rice from Trader Joe's

- chicken soup

- energy bars / snack bars are great

- vegetable oil or olive oil

- fresh produce (we put apples, oranges, lemons and squash in the pantry when we have them)

- tuna - canned fish of any kind

- Pasta / Rice

- dishwashing detergent

- spices and herbs

- coffee and teas

- hygiene supplies (shampoo, shaving cream, soap, pads, sanitizer, masks)