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Want to drop off

and donate food?

We would love that.

You can just come by the pantry and put it directly onto the shelves. It's that easy.  If you would rather donate money to help us maintain the project, we would appreciate it. We recently upgraded the roof we have above it, and the signage that faces the street. We need to replace the materials inside on the shelves as it's all scuffed up. Donations help to cover expenses like this.  Plus we always use the money to buy extra food like bananas or bars which are very popular.  This link takes you to the KoFi site where it's quite easy to send funds.

Examples of food that is dropped off: lemons and plums from local trees, canned goods, food from people's earthquake supplies or food when people are moving to a new place or out of town. We love that all of that food is not wasted and is used by someone who needs it! 

The pantry is open 24 hrs a day and it is at the corner of Rose Street and Belvedere St. Drop off anytime.

Here's a list of items that people like:

- shelf stable food like Tasty Bites Indian food 

- canned Progresso soups, Campbell's soups or stew

- ready to eat food with a skin like bananas

- oranges 

- pasta sauce and pasta

- Instant Noodles / ramen

- beef jerky

- Ritz crackers with cheese

- energy + granola bars that are soft

- cereal like Cheerios or dry oats are fabulous

These are notes from people who use the free food pantry.

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