Redwood trees are the tallest living thing on earth, and they get that way by interlocking their roots and sharing water with their neighbors. 

Sharing resources feels good.

There is a lot more food insecurity in Berkeley because of the pandemic.  East Bay Angels is focussing on food and delivering supplies to folks living in their cars and tent structures on Rose St and on Harrison and 8th.   


Donations are used to buy food for the residents on Harrison St behind Whole Foods and for the Rose Street Food Pantry that is open 24 hours a day and stocked every day.  We stock it with non perishable food mainly, fresh lemons and oranges, masks, water and cotton socks. 

The easiest way to donate to us during the pandemic is currently through Paypal so we can keep doing what we do.  We have figured out ways to do outreach very safely in a no contact way to prevent community spread. 


Acts of kindness do make a difference. Especially now!