Redwood trees are the tallest living thing on earth, and they get that way by interlocking their roots and sharing water with their neighbors. 

We share our resources.

Donations are used to buy everything from bees wax to bins to bags to gallons of water that go directly to residents.

The easiest way to donate to us during the pandemic is currently through Paypal so we can keep doing what we do.  We have figured out ways to do outreach very safely in a no contact way to prevent community spread.  Acts of kindness do make a difference. Especially now!

There are at least 1200 people who are living outside in Berkeley in living conditions that are worse than some developing countries. 

The people we serve need support with extremely painful foot issues, dental care, immune support, relief from coughing and salve for burns.  We are always working on new remedies. 


Managing anxiety with plant based medicine is something that we would like to offer.

We just need funds to buy the ingredients.