• by Lindy West

"The soft violence of willful ignorance."

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

This post was inspired by author Lindy West.

Ask yourself:

When it comes to taking initiative to care for the enormous population of homeless people in California ... are we defaulting to the sublime relief of deferred responsibility, or the soft violence of willful ignorance?"

Willful ignorance look like this: "I don't want to see it, I just want it to go away."

"Not my problem! What's the City doing? It's the health care system's fault. It's too huge of a problem, I can't take it on."

Complacency looks like this:

"It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong here. You earned everything you have. It's not your problem."

Closing one's eyes and willfully ignoring a crisis that is happening right now, just down the street from you is a choice. Turning a blind eye to the people who are living in the encampments, and some people are even indignant that they have to see a crisis that is in their face every day. This anger blocks compassion, blocks love, blocks their own humanity.

Being an East Bay Angel for a day (or longer!!) is an opportunity to help in a direct way.

Email Veronica if you want to get involved with prepping all the parts of the hygiene kits, meeting the people who are living in the encampments, dropping off custom kits to people who need the remedies, and helping to keep this project sustainable and organized.

The needs are always changing and we respond to what people need most.

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