• Veronica Van Gogh

Did you know there are lots of rats?

Yeah. There are. A lot of rats that are attacking people at night. And this is just not cool and we are going to support the community 100% in fighting them off. So, we are in the process of making a natural yet mighty repellant for rats in the encampments.

Here is the science behind what we are doing - and residents I spoke to today said eucalyptus WORKS to keep them away. Our goal is to give out 50 spray bottles (which people can share) made of eucalyptus oil and water and dishsoap -- because it actually WORKS and we don’t want to use poison to breathe that in. Rats are a health risk and they are scary. Want to help out with supplies?

Contact Veronica There may be a Girl Scout Troop working on this project!!

Which is very exciting indeed!!!!!!!

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