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Dental Support and Care

Until a person can get to a dentist, the following routine and supplies can help with a tooth abscess. East Bay Angels can put together custom dental support kits for individuals who are in pain, before they can see a dentist.

I have had major dental pain and issues in the last 2 years and could not afford to see a dentist. A year later, my partner had an abscess a month ago (and it was terrible pain and one side of his face was swollen) and this is what he did, and it worked immediately. He has since seen a dentist and they recommended he get a root canal which he is too scared to do but will do it eventually. There is no infection, it's gone.

We both did this routine daily and the abscess shrunk within 1 day however was still there. It did take a few days to clear completely but I really had no pain with using these treatments.

Medieval Mix Toothache Remedy

provided by East Bay Angels

We mix 20 drops with 2 oz of water.

Oil Pulling "I had a gum and tooth abscess pop up on my upper left tooth about a week ago now. I immediately began oil pulling with coconut oil first thing every morning to draw all of the bacteria out of my mouth. Oil Pulling everyday even after your infection subsides as it is great for everyday health and preventative care."

Note: We have coconut oil in our east bay angels supply cabinet thanks to individuals in Berkeley from Next Door who bought it on our Wish List and had it sent to my house - we have liquid and solid. 100% organic.

All our supplies are a result of the generosity of people in Berkeley who care and want to help, even in a small way. I think this is helping in a big way.

Other alternatives: 2. Oil pulling with Oregano oil diluted with coconut oil - it is antibacterial and antioxidant. It can help reduce the swelling and pain of an abscessed tooth. I don't have oregano but I will go down to Alembique and get some today.

3. Clove oil - Put clove oil mixed with almond oil on the tooth that is hurting with a Q-Tip. Make sure your hands are clean or use rubber gloves (which we have) before doing this. Clove oil is very powerful and can burn. Do not use with regular toothpaste like Colgate. It will burn your mouth.

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