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Update from "Where Do We Go?" Andrea Henson

"This has been a difficult winter because the cold leads to burns, aches and pains, and so many other issues. We are still buying tent heaters and propane. The way we can do this is from our GoFundMe campaign. We have been fighting tirelessly to get the trash picked up but the city has not picked up the trash. IN FOUR MONTHS.

Folks have literally moved out of their tents (into new tents or with neighbors) because rats chewed through their tent and moved in. Two camps (in Berkeley— Ashby and Seabreeze) have lived with trash since September 2019 (meaning no trash at all has been picked up).

“Where do we go?” Berkeley has partnered with Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley Copwatch, Berkeley Needle Exchange, the Suitcase Clinic and East Bay Angels to provide a host of outreach services in the encampments.

We are offering wound care, foot care, rides to the clinic, STD testing, Flu and Hep A immunizations, HIV and Hep C testing, condoms, lube, medicine, syringe exchange, narcan, and medical care.

East Bay Angels is providing holistic care such as herbal tooth ache wash, immunity care, foot care, salves, new underwear, and so much more. Consider the Homeless consistently serves hot soup, clothes, care, and assistance on Thursdays and Sundays.

We have residents with burns, urinary tract infections, congestive heart failure, cancer, broken bones, and other illness. Your donation to Where Do We Go? will contribute to the purchase of medicine if needed.

Many times, a resident with no insurance will be released from the emergency room with a prescription and no transportation or money. I will go get the prescription from the pharmacy and pay the cash necessary so they can start healing right away. That also comes from the GoFundMe.

If you have the resources, please support Where Do We Go?

Go Fund Me

We are making a huge difference. Our goal is not to stay homeless forever but to get the services out in the community to house people.

To give you an idea of how slow things work, ONE resident has been housed by BACS since September 2019. Everyone else is still in the camp plus we have new residents because they have been moved out of downtown Berkeley due to selective enforcement, sidewalk statute and evictions in City of Berkeley.

We literally have nowhere to go.

Click here to support Where Do We Go? on Go Fund Me

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