• Veronica Van Gogh

shining light, light, light

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

two large hearts

two strong spirits

weathering criticism

standing steadfast

with the often silenced

often shamed

human beings struggling

for what is priceless

kindness paired with actions

taken to share resources

igniting hope in the gloom

shining light, light, light.

by Constance B.

"The folks who have donated time, energy, goods and money -- you are are part of a team to help people who are living in encampments in Berkeley take care of themselves with some basic high quality goods we are distributing.

We are starting with nothing and building. If you want to help us, you can do one of two things or both contribute financially by purchasing the goods we still need on the Amazon Wish list and have Amazon send to Veronica's house or organize a drop off with Veronica. Or, come to our next east bay angels work party Sunday February 23rd. Veronica is working on getting a space that will accommodate more than 10 people and it will make it easier for us to process all of the supplies, and prep them. There is an unbelievable amount of detailed work that we need help with.

Work at a project table with us as we all determine the best way to do this while creating community or Make a financial contribution to East Bay Angels or Where Do We Go Berkeley? as Andrea is working around the clock. Meet us, speak to us face to face and come up with creative solutions. We are always open to that."

posted by Josephine Perry, Co-Founder of east bay angels

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