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Working on a new sign

I am designing a new sign for the front of the pantry. Now, after 6 months we have a pretty good idea of how people are using the pantry. We want to encourage donations from our neighbors and tell people that they are helping to provide food for 40 people a day. I'm inspired by the slogan that Little Free Pantries use which goes something like:

Give what you can

Take what you need

Right now, I have a sign that says: Sharing is Caring and then lots of small type under it.

No one has been leaving us notes lately, which makes me a bit sad. It gives me an idea of who is using the pantry. I love it when kids leave us notes. Anyway, the pantry design will be changing soon, as the wood is starting to rot and we need to replace it with a metal structure.

At the very beginning I made a flyer that told people who we are and why we are doing the project. I have plans to design and print a postcard with our values on it... so many things to do, always!!

I know I want the sign to have a rose on it, so I chose this painting by Jan Davidsz de Heem

who lived from1606–1683 and of course, he was born in Holland. I love his work, it's so lush. There's so much going on with this bouquet, so much life. I love the sweet peas!

Period: Dutch Golden Age

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