Self Care Kits for Men

Holiday Project Dec 2017

Initiated this with EAST ROOM

Called up Good Shepherd and asked

them what they needed... EAST ROOM

Members came through big time :)

EAST ROOM Members were invited to donate hygiene supplies for Good Shepherd men's shelter to create Self Care Kits for the men that stay at the overnight shelter. It was a success. 100 bags filled with goodies were put together and donated.  


Everyone was very generous as this was at Holiday time in December and we wanted the guys at the shelter to have a gift.  A big gift!! The donations were really high quality.


The takeaway is that people want to help, you just need to give them an opportunity to do so and a solid organization, and a way to collect the stuff at work and it can happen.  There are photos below of all the stuff that was donated.

Here is the letter we received.


Hi Veronica,


The donation was very well received by our clients.  They were distributed by our front desk staff for those who came to the reception window and requested hygiene products.  They were also placed at the back of our dining room for those who attended our drop-in and meals so that they could take it with them when they left and have it with them at all times.  The items you and your colleagues from the East Room provided are most in need and our clients loved to have everything in a bag that they could use at other times for carrying their belongings with them.


As I think I might have mentioned for many of our clients they don’t have a lot that is their own – being able to have their own hygiene products and a bag to carry them in is very important and they will all take great care of this.  It’s a personal possession that without the generosity of the East Room our clients may not have had.


Wishing you all the best for the New Year & thank you for your efforts in co-ordinating this very generous and special gift.


From the staff at Good Shepherd