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This project is thriving
because of *you*


A huge thank you to our neighbor Kai M. who has picked up ACME every Wednesday for many, many months. Hundreds of people benefit from your reliability and love for feeding people in the neighborhood. Grazie mille!

A big thank you to Becca at ACME Bakery in Berkeley for being a bright light in our lives!  We love you and we love ACME.  We love feeding people together :) 

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 10.39.29

Donated 500 pairs of black cotton

BOMBAS socks and all of them

have gone to folks who need them

at the pantry!

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 10.34.43

Donated 100 goggles, 50 raincoats and 

1000 N95 face masks

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