These are some of the outreach projects I've done over the years.

Founder, east bay angels street outreach & herbal medicine project

Founder of the very first The Street Store in the Bay Area

Project Lead, Pop Up Care Villages with Lava Mae

The Street Store


My team and I were able to host a free store that served 300 people in one day, every month. I worked directly with Lava Mae and San Francisco Public Library and Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing. 

Doing DIY projects that help the collective are always somewhat of an experiment.  You are taking a risk, you are presenting an opportunity to care for people in an unconditional way.  There are always teachings, always things you will learn by doing this service work and it is always, always worth it.  

“Veronica was the founder and Project Lead of the Street Store (a free monthly pop up clothing store) outside of the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library.   She worked tirelessly in reaching out to the community to ensure that The Street Store was fully-stocked with free clothing and shoes which hundreds of homeless people access during our monthly Pop Up Care Village.  Thank you Veronica for your staunch advocacy and efforts to provide our Pop Up Care Village guests including many of the library patrons with quality clothing and shoes.”

Leah Esguerra, LMFT
San Francisco Public Library/Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing

SFPL Social Service Team Supervisor
San Francisco Public Library

100 Larkin Street

San Francisco, CA 


"I am so grateful that Veronica was the Project Lead on The Street Store initiative for Lava Mae's Pop-Up Care Villages! As the Project Manager of this outdoor free store, Veronica always went above and beyond by initiating clothing drives with our corporate partners by getting clothing and hygiene donations from the employees who work there.

Veronica was there at the very first Pop Up Care Village event we organized and helped us test out what worked.  The Street Store has become the most coveted service at our Pop Up Care Villages that we do every month. 


As we are serving over 300 people from 9 - 2pm in the middle of Civic Center, outside of the Library, we rely on our Team Leaders.  Often folks will come by the Street Store who have lost all of their stuff in a sweep, and they can get the basics and get back on their feet. 

Every month Veronica arranged the pick up and drop off of thousands of pounds of jeans, backpacks, hygiene supplies, boots, socks and more for people moving through homelessness.

She also collected an enormous amount of hygiene supplies, put together "care packages" and distributed them with love to hundreds of guests at the care villages!


Thank you Veronica, you are a rockstar!" 

- Priyam Joshi 

Community Engagement Manager, 

Lava Mae


Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 2.37.51 PM.png



my team and I sourced
25,000 pieces 
of clothing

And gave it all away for free!

Thick winter Jackets, jeans, pairs of shoes and bags

were given out for free in Civic Center over 12 months. 


pairs of clean socks given out at The Street Store in a year.



Total number of Street Stores that I organized and Project Managed
with a large team of 10 - 25 volunteers. The number of volunteers changed
every time we did a Pop Up Care Village.

1650 people

came and shopped for free at our Street Store