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Timeline of the Project

Veronica Van Gogh Design and Ecomodern Architecture create The Rose Street Food Pantry and install it October 2020. 


Timeline: 2 weeks to print signage, and buy all hardware

Totem cabinet with 4 cubies was already built

November/Dec 2020

Thanksgiving and Christmas

We organize two food drives in our Westbrae neighborhood


Nov 2020 - May 2021

Bi-monthly grocery trips to get food for the pantry. Supporters from next door have donated to help us to keep it stocked, along with the donations from our immediate neighbors who are awesome!!!!

Feb 2021

We installed a Gratitude Board Message board on the side of the food pantry for people to leave messages and express themselves and their needs.  This works well!

We can announce when we are getting a bread delivery and when I put out perishable food, I can mark on the board when it was left at the pantry so people know how fresh it is.  

May 2021

We bought a gorgeous blue metal pantry from IKEA with a donation from Jady Montgomery. There is so much more room now! It's great for when we pick up bread donations because we can pack it all in, and it's gone by morning. It was time to say goodbye to the wood cabinet and we are happy to say it's going to have a new life as a Little Free Library! 

Things are pretty tough for people right now, that is evident by how fast the pantry empties out every single day!  Our goal is to have it stocked every day. We don't want it ever to be empty.  We are worried about the end of June because the evictions protections may be ending and that might increase food insecurity massively. We are ready and we feel very supported by you!


east bay angels Outreach in 2020

Focus on Encampments/ RV Community/ Downtown Berkeley


We teamed up with superstars from Where Do We Go Berkeley?, COPWATCH, Berkeley Free Clinic and Suitcase Clinic to provide food, clothing, legal services, advocacy, harm reduction & medical intervention to houseless folks in Berkeley.

Did direct outreach at Seabreeze upstairs and downstairs, Ashby/Shellmound encampment,  Gillman (when it was there)  Harrison Street mobile community, and People's Park.  Also have done some outreach to camps in Oakland on the weekends.


Did drop offs of hygiene supplies, underwear and socks to Dignity on Wheels who provides mobile shower service in Berkeley. 

Created 50 pet care kits for friends in People's Park and on Harrison Street

Worked with a super fabulous Girl Scout Troop on multiple outreach initiatives for a year!  They have offered to do a food drive!

Made herbal remedies from scratch that addressed cracked skin, foot problems, lice, burns, rat repellent, skin rashes and toothaches. Gave out everything in person at the encampments.

2019: Created 30 hygiene kits with galvanized steel buckets which had soap, a scrubbie, a washcloth, toilet paper and other useful supplies like duct tape!  All the supplies came from the people of Berkeley who ordered them on Amazon and we assembled them and gave them out.  People used the buckets as portable toilets.


See photo below. 

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In 2020, we raised money, asked for donations via amazon, and sourced and stored the following supplies:


hygiene supplies, clothing, blankets, towels, pet food, water, underwear, duct tape, hand sanitizer, socks, non toxic rat repellent, food, herbal cough syrup specifically for covid, toothache remedy, foot cream for chronic foot issues and art supplies and journals were donated by BLICK in Berkeley which we gave out to 18 year olds living under the freeway. (seabreeze downstairs)