Food Pantry run by Veronica Dabis and Henry Gutman


Timeline of the Project

Veronica Dabis and Henry Gutman create The Rose Street Food Pantry and install it October 2020. 


Timeline: 2 weeks to print signage, and buy all hardware

Totem cabinet with 4 cubes was already built and so we repurposed it.

November/Dec 2020

Thanksgiving and Christmas

We organize two food drives in our Westbrae neighborhood

It is wildly successful!


Nov 2020 - May 2021

Bi-monthly grocery trips to get food for the pantry. Supporters from next door have donated to help us to keep it stocked, along with the donations from our immediate neighbors who are awesome!!!!

Feb 2021

We installed a Gratitude Board Message board on the side of the food pantry for people to leave messages and express themselves and their needs.  This works well!

We can announce when we are getting a bread delivery and when I put out perishable food, I can mark on the board when it was left at the pantry so people know how fresh it is.  

May 2021

We bought a gorgeous blue metal pantry from IKEA with a donation from Jady Montgomery. There is so much more room now! It's great for when we pick up bread donations because we can pack it all in, and it's gone by morning. It was time to say goodbye to the wood cabinet and we are happy to say it's going to have a new life as a Little Free Library! 

July 2021

Things are pretty tough for people right now, and this is evident by how fast the pantry empties out every single day. Our goal is to have it stocked every day. We don't want it ever to be empty.  Right now, we have received a ton of support and we are committed to keeping it full.  Thank you so, so much for our neighbors and ACME and Berkeley Food Network.  We are feeding people!

March 2022

It's still going! Despite the occasional vandalism event, we are going strong.